Organizing a Teenage Party

The success of a teenage party depends on how well it is planned. Suggestions from parents can be a big help but it does not mean that the parents will plan everything. The planning of theme or concept still relies on the celebrant. There are a lot of exciting party themes to choose from. Examples are the classic magical theme, fantasy theme like vampires and wizards, and cartoon theme.

A beach party is a great option especially during summer, topped with an all time favorite barbecue and summer ball games. Invitations may vary depending on the organizer’s preference. One example is a deflated beach ball with a label on the information of the event. The menu may include hot dogs and corns. Desserts like cocktail fruits, salads and cakes can be added. The cake should be relevant to the concept since it is usually the center of attraction. I suggest ordering a cake with a beach volleyball design or any other water sports.

Another option is spa party. This ranges from local afternoon bonding up to late night extreme make over, facial, massage and others. The guests should be provided with flip-flops, bottled water and a diet snack. Compared to other parties, a spa party requires less food since majority of the time will be spent in spa session. It is best to offer delicious desserts to your guests and to enjoy the night with entertaining shows like stand-up comedy session or sing-along session.

Some prefer a house party. It is less expensive and at the same time it requires less preparation since most of the things you need are found inside the house. You can prepare any food that suits your taste since most of the house party concepts are the traditional casual concepts. The guests may come with their casual wear and food is served depending on the celebrant’s preference.

Others like to spend parties in disco bars or other party places. Most of these parties include beer sessions. Nowadays, teenagers enjoy to hangout with friends in disco bars. Parents can make the venue exclusive just for the night to let their child enjoy the moment with their friends and at the same time to lessen the occurrence of teenage arguments due to the influence of alcohol.

A formal party in a hotel is also an option but it is quite expensive (unless you have a big budget for the party). Guests can come in costume such as dressing up like their favorite celebrities. Letting your teenage child experience what it takes to be a celebrity for the night is something that is memorable and fulfilling. In fact, the happiness of assuming another identity even for a night is totally enjoyable.